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Adult chat land lines

If we have not provided the land line number for you it is very important to note the following: Also during the set-up process we will ask you for certain information in order to run a financial or credit check. It may be necessary, after the financial check, for you to provide a non-interest bearing deposit or pre-payment on a case by case basis.

Origin Broadband is a Telecommunications company providing services to customers.

You are a customer of Origin Broadband and by signing up for our services you have agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.

If you fail to pay any bills on time, your deposit will be held for six months from the most recent time your bills were paid up to date.

If you fail to pay your bills on time, we reserve the right to pass information on this to credit reference agencies – and if an account is allowed to go into default (i.e.

If your claim or complaint is resolved in your favour your account will be credited accordingly on your next invoice.

All charges are inclusive of VAT (unless specifically stated).

no reasonable effort has been made to pay for 60 days), then we may update the credit reference agencies of this.

Updates on your credit report may remain for up to 6 years.

This specific rate Usage Charge will be fixed for the duration of the minimum period that you have agreed to.

The only variation will be if the VAT rates change as they are included in your total Usage Charge.

Line rental and monthly broadband fees will be charged in advance.