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The solo flier was the only one there and thus remains the only one able to tell the tale.

You have been told time after time where you were born, where you went to school, and that you have done the supernatural thing of an air flight from New York to Paris.

I am satisfied that you have been convinced of it by this time.

George Putnam writes a "Publisher's Note" which agrees that "Somehow it wasn't a story for him to tell"and thus allows the second part of the record to be written in the third person by someone of Lindbergh's choosing.

An "Author's Note," followed by Lindbergh's actual signature, appoints Green, nowhere mentioned on the title page, as additional author, as someone "who has caught the spirit of what I have tried to do for aviation." The hyperbolic rhetoric of the politicians' discourses underscores the modesty of the long-distance flier whose symbolic function is to provide the focus of a mass spectacle while at the same time relinquishing any credit that rightfully belongs to the "American science and genius" that designed and constructed the plane.

(Even though in 1953 he will receive the Pulitzer Prize for his second autobiography, a rewriting of the first, .) "I am not an author by profession, and my pen could never express the gratitude which I feel towards the American people," he writes.

"The voyage up the Potomac and to the Monument Grounds in Washington; up the Hudson River and along Broadway; over the Mississippi and to St.

When the final story is written in the first person under Lindbergh's name, Lindbergh rejects the ghost-written manuscript, but agrees to write another book.