Start Dating for women who love beards

Dating for women who love beards

Neither straight men nor straight women agreed with gay men's preference for highly dimorphic male faces in an online study of digitally manipulated faces by over 900 men and women conducted by Harvard University.

For straight men, this means super girly faces (as we learned above), and for gay men, this means wide jaw lines and hard, protruding brows, typical masculine features.

The study inferred that if married men are going to take the risk of cheating on their strong-jawed, masculine-faced wives, they’re going to choose someone ultra-feminine and hot. Essentially, anime-visaged Disney princesses would be optimal candidates for disposable, short-term girlfriends.

The Bearded Boyfriend Face ### Weirdo scientists at the University of New South Wales spend their free time assessing beards and their mystical properties—one being that there seems to be a sweet spot of beard length that, if perfected, woos many a woman.

The Fertile Woman's Face ### If an ovulating straight woman is looking for some fantasy fodder and her internet is down, she should look no further than a masculine-faced man.