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Brand is a bit more important when buying a DSLR compared to a compact camera, because once you start acquiring lenses and accessories, it becomes rather expensive to switch. Choose a camera based on its features, not its brand.

But that doesn’t mean one brand is better than the other. Then, before you buy, explore the different lenses and accessories that are available.

Larger sensors also make it easier to get soft, out-of-focus backgrounds.

Also, there are no fees or late charges, while payments are always flexible to suit your own budget.

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And we could comb through all the options and shine a light on one particular model, then you’d go out and buy that camera and get started and, more than likely, do just fine. First, the best beginning DSLR camera for a beginning portrait photographer isn’t the best camera for the beginning sports photographer. But there’s another issue too—learning how to choose a camera is a great first step to learning about photography and how to become a photographer. Don’t worry, those tech specs aren’t as daunting as they seem. Sure, one year it seems like one brand is beating out the competition with every camera they release—but the next year, it will likely be the other way around.