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One of their findings was that the Mycene used an army of steel titans about 20 meters in height (compare with the Greek legend of Talos).

Grendizer Giga (グレンダイザー ギガ) is a manga reboot of the original Grendizer story by Go Nagai.

The manga began its run on the September 19, 2014 in Akita Shoten's Champion RED before ending on July 19, 2015 at eleven issues.

He requests their help to defeat the vanguard of the invasion.

With their assistance, the Grendizer stood a better chance at pushing their forces back and stopping the invasion.

is a Japanese super robot manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai.

The first manga version was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1972 to August 1973, and it later continued in Kodansha TV Magazine from October 1973 to September 1974.

In his original concepts, the titular robot was Energer Z, which was controlled by a motorcycle that was driven up its back and into its head (an idea which was recycled for the Diana A robot).