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On it poor and orphaned boys whose fathers were seamen were trained for a life at sea.

The second Indefatigable took over from the first in the Mersey off Rock Ferry pier on 15 January 1914.

Phaeton’s top masts and Royals were removed at Plymouth during the stripping, we surmise the Ship owners Committee would think the height a bit daunting for such young boys, (although looking at the Wooden “Inde” the height was something there).

Indefatigable boys received a normal education as well as training in seamanship skills.

Over 14,000 boys were trained as seamen on board the Indefatigable.

The school found temporary premises near Ruthin in Wales and then moved to a mansion at Plas Llanfair in Wales in December 1944.

The earliest record of “Ty Mawr, otherwise known as Plas Llanfair” is in 1673 when it was the property of Humphrey Morris and his wife Myddanwy.

She was towed away early in January 1914 to be taken apart.

The second Indefatigable was built of steel on the River Clyde in Scotland and began service in the Royal Navy as HMS Phaeton in 1886.

They were evicted in 1728 for non-payment of their mortgage!

The property passed to a Rowland Jones who died in 1742 and who was succeeded by his nephew Hugh Jones.

Two different vessels served as TS Indefatigable on the River Mersey.