Start Scout troop leader dating relationship

Scout troop leader dating relationship

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Nearly 15 years ago, girls were invited to join boys in a troop there, and one of the leaders was Dr. And the second was that I was on a camping trip with the boys once, my son was in a tent with some other boys, and somehow teenage boys think that a micron of nylon tent stops their voices. And I heard them talking about girls in a way that I wasn't happy about, and felt like they were objectifying women in a way, and I thought they should have an experience that was more wholesome and peer-driven. Howard: OK so you did this — but did you do it in full view of the Boy Scout governing body, the national body?

Michelle Holmes — she teaches at Harvard's School of Public Health. Did they give you any push back, if they knew about it?

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What I see among the young men in our troop now is that they respect the other young women as their peers and as their equals. There was a girl leader last semester, and we know that the leader next semester will be a girl. Howard: When this is played out and girls are allowed into the Boy Scouts, do you have any concerns that it's going to skim off girls from the Girl Scouts?

There's been a concern that in a coed troop, girls will quote “take over.” Well in our troop, the leadership — they democratically elect leaders — has gone back and forth between boys and girls seamlessly. Howard: So what do you think of this — this nationwide move to go coed? Holmes: You know, interestingly, around the world, scouting is coed and most of the times what happened is the boy program went coed and the girl program remained. Nearly 15 years ago, she was a leader in her son's Boy Scout troop in Cambridge when girls were invited to join.

It will now let girls into its Cub Scouts program for younger kids, and says it plans to create a scouting program for older girls, as well. Howard: So why were girls invited into that troop back in 2003?

A coed Boy Scout troop is not a new concept for some Cambridge families. Holmes: Well, there were two reasons that I invited girls. They were usually the sisters of the Boy Scouts and they were interested in the activities that their brothers were doing, mostly the outdoor activities.

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