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Maybe the kindle version has the old reference bibliography??? So, then, if you are unfamiliar with a cited author you have to go out on the web to find out the book, article, etc. For a book that bills itself as the "only comprehensive textbook on ancient sexuality" of Greaco-Roman descent, that is a travesty. I will follow the citations, as I do for all such books; but what a pain - an annoying read, not for overall content but for lack of careful attention to important detail demonstrating lack of general respect for the reader.

In addition to an updated text and bibliography positioning the book in relation to scholarly developments, Skinner has added textboxes to stimulate class debate, and end-of-chapter ‘discussion prompts’ to encourage students’ reflection upon our relationship with/estrangement from ancient sexuality.” Susan Deacy, University of Roehampton “Skinner’s revised and expanded second edition increases the chief pleasure of her first—to see a true scholar at work, formidably informed.

Her scope of erudition embraces all manner of ancient testimony, from Greek romances to gravestones.” Micaela Janan, Duke University “Thoroughly revised and with new sections and illustrations in each chapter, this book remains a landmark study of a complex yet fascinating subject.

This book is comprehensive yet concise, theoretically sophisticated and yet accessible for an undergraduate reader.” Laura Mc Clure, University of Wisconsin, Madison "For several reasons this book may be considered a masterpiece ...