Start Updating old plywood doors

Updating old plywood doors

I’m not saying that you can’t re-use media if you don’t use a blasting cabinet, it’s just a shit ton easier to reclaim the stuff when its contained.

If you’ve read my post about powder coating, which you probably haven’t, since its not done yet, then you know that in order to successfully powder coat something, it must be properly prepped, and in almost every case, the part you want to coat must be stripped down to bare metal.

Another great feature is that when my cabinet is done, I will be able to unscrew it easily from the base and transfer it to another base (with a media chute) later. Like I just mentioned, my current design doesn’t have the media “chute” that most blasting cabinets have which allows for the media to slide down a chute that resembles an upside down pyramid, although I do plan on adding that real soon, so check back!

A close up of the wood work shows how I built the extension of my bench to convert it into a base for my blasting cabinet.

For instance, an obvious pro is that its nowhere near as messy as blasting in your garage, which makes a lovely mess.