Start Updating playstation 2

Updating playstation 2

See: Dual Shock 5 Release date and Price See: Sony PS5 Games The Sony PS5 cannot do anything other than getting a double internal memory space to live up to the expectations people have with a new gaming console.

PS5 is going to bring some stupendous and matchless gaming experiences for the gaming enthusiasts.

For North American gamers keen to get in on the action, Sony promises it will keep bundle prices unchanged from where they are now, however it doesn’t yet have a release date to share.

The new headset will naturally be compatible with all PSVR content available so far, however you won’t be able to merely swap the processing unit of your existing headset to get the same functionality, owing to the difference in cables.

The updated design of the sync box does not support the shape of the plastic around the cables on the original Play Station VR headset.